Schwinn Womens High Timber Mountain Bike Review

There are different types of women's mountain bikes crafted with different style and features. Schwinn high timber women's mountain bike is perfect for her.

Moreover, different mountain bikes are suited for specific activities therefore having different cycling requirements. 

schwinn girls high timber mountain bike

Before you purchase any bike, it is essential to focus on the features and the cycling requirements. With Schwinn high timber women's mountain bike Review, you are going to learn major things. This bike is ideal for every activity you intend to engage in with mountain biking.

Schwinn Womens High Timber Mountain Bicycle Review

Quick Details:

Frame: Steel

Speed: 21(3X7)

Suspension: Front 

Wheel Size: 26"

Brake: Linear Pull

Our Rating

Value for the Money

Easy of Use

Quality of Build

Customer Service


  • Built with an attractive design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Smooth to ride
  • Need less maintenance


  • The seat is quite hard
  • Only small size(16") is available

Review in Brief

Schwinn high timber women's mountain bike is a 26-inch bike with 16-inch wheels. The size of the bike makes it ideal for medium-size women. It has recently gained a lot of attentions from women since it has favorable features that meets their needs.

The size of the bike in line with the size of the wheel making it a perfect bike to overcome obstacles. Moreover, the bike is highly affordable.

Mountain Bike Buyer's guide

Click the link below to read our buyers guide. It will definitely enrich your knowledge on how to choose a mountain bike and why its so awesome. 


  • It has a crafted seat to provide ultimate comfort and style
  • 2i speed shimano drive train with shimano twist shifter
  • Installed with front and rear linear pull brakes
  • Crafted with front suspension fork
  • Medium sized wheels of about 29 inches and medium sized handlebars of about 25 inches


  • Maximum weight capacity of about 300 lbs with a total of 21 varying speeds
  • A lifetime warranty by the manufacturer
  • The weight of the bicycle measures about 40 lbs
  • It has a length of 68 inches and a height of 41 inches and the wheels measures 26 inches with front and rear linear pull brakes
  • Suited for women and manufactured with aluminium rims for durable riding experience.
Schwinn Womens High Timber Mountain Bicycle Review



Schwinn bikes are popularly known as one of the most comfortable mountain bikes available for women. It is a reputable brand that won't disappoint you. The seat is made up of a comfortable material that allows you to cycle comfortably for longer miles.

Mountain bike frames are known to cause minor injuries such as bruises. In addition, Schwinn high timber mountain bike has mountain style steel frame that ensures you do not get bruised on the rails. As a matter of fact, Schwinn high timber mountain bike is one of the bikes that customers have found to cause less bruises and injuries. This feature makes it perfect for trainees.

The bike is also fitted with a suspension bike fork. This is an imperative feature since it absorbs shock that is created during cycling. Moreover, it assists in minimizing the feel of bumps and rough surfaces.

The Brakes

The breaking system of a bike is a crucial determinant of the quality of a mountain bicycle.  This bike is composed of alloy linear pull brakes. These types of breaks are not as perfect as disc brakes.

But it provides you the quick stop and ensures your safety. If you get used to the brakes, you will be in a better position to make smooth and fast stops.

The Tires

The tires of alloy a Schwinn high timber mountain bike are medium sized measuring about 26 inches. Large tires increase the control of the bike and makes it easy to evade obstacles. In addition, the tires of this bike are highly rugged making it ideal to cycles in almost every area.

The Appearance

Women are usually pleased to the appearance of a product. They would be pleased with a bright and attractive bike. The bike is available in pink color with mountain style frame. The frame of the bike has been carefully crafted with durable steel.


The bike only weighs 40 lbs and it makes transportation convenient. In addition, the bike is only 40 inches by 23 inches making it convenient to be carried by the car. The rims of the bike are made up of aluminium which is shinny and attractive.

Gear system

21- speed shimano gear system which enables riders to change from different speeds. It's shifters makes it easy to switch from one speed to another effectively.


Final Words

Schwinn high timber mountain bike is an affordable and ideal bike for woman. It is beautifully crafted and it has a higher level functionality. This womens mountain bike review serves an important aspect so that you can know what to look at when purchasing your bike.