MTB Jersey | 7 Best Mountain Bike Jerseys (Men and Women)

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Shopping for MTB gear can be a bummer – most of us spend all of our savings on wheel replacements, oils, better suspensions, and stuff like that, leaving us with a tight budget for the “less important” stuff, right? We're talking, of course, about MTB jersey. 

Well, it’s hard to imagine a guy (or a lady) who buys the polos and jerseys before rigging up the bike first hand. It’s totally okay if you’re one of those guys (or ladies), as we offer you affordable MTB jersey models with our reviews.

The jerseys you’ll find in the sections below are quality ones. Each one boasts a substantial value for the buck due to premium-quality material build, ventilation, lightweight properties, and such. If you’re out on the market searching for a good jersey, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Buying tips for mountain bike jersey

  • Comfort is imperative – most MTB jerseys are made of comfortable materials, but there are those that might feel a bit off after prolonged usage. Feeling uncomfortable might make you lose your focus.
  • Choosing durable jerseys over lightweight ones might not do you as much good as you hoped for.
  • Price is a key factor, but don’t be dissuaded by it alone. In most cases, more expensive MTB jerseys offer benefits unique to them, such as improved durability, side or back pockets, a reliable zipper, or such.
  • Make sure to compare several models before you make your final decision. There are plenty of cool-looking jerseys which might draw your attention away from quality (not so good-looking) ones.
  •  You can’t go wrong with a Polyester jersey. This type of material offers ideal compromise between durability, flexibility, and comfort. Alternatively, make sure that the jersey you’re interested in is at least “mostly” made of this material.

7 Mountain bike jerseys Reviewed

Mountain bike clothing is important for experiencing the best riding. Not only for MTB, you can also use these jerseys for other forms cycling. Here are our 7 best MTB jerseys -

1. MR Strgao’s Men’s Cycling Jersey Coat | Windproof Long Sleeves Winter Thermal Jacket

MR Strgao Mens Cycling Winter Thermal Jacket Windproof Long Sleeves

We’re opening up our reviews with MR Strgao’s MTB jersey for men. Plainly put, it looks awesome, comes in plenty of color variations, and doesn’t cost a fortune.

It features long sleeves and a cool “ride or die” print just below the gloomy skeleton. Truth be told, it’s easy to see why hardcore mountain bikers love it – apart from providing excellent protection and comfort-ability, it excels in aesthetics as well.

Each color variation features a different print and, generally looks completely different from the next. This long sleeve MTB jersey is one of the best cycling jersey models you’ll find for the buck.

It feels very warm, plus the long sleeves will keep you cozy even during the colder seasons. The only downside is that the colors tend to fade a bit too quickly.

This jersey is relatively easy to wash and maintain, although only the hard print (the “skull” and the letters) will remain “intact” after several years, maybe months of usage. Overall, it’s a great long sleeve MTB jersey and does a good bang for the buck.

2. Good Luck US Profession MTB Jersey | Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey and Shorts Combination

MTB Jersey Good Luck US Black MTB Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey and Shorts

Next up is Good Luck US’ Profession MTB jersey. It’s the first short-sleeve jersey in our review, and what makes it so great is that it comes in a plethora of color options. There are multiple designs available for your choosing, and each is sport-themed, perfect for MTB racers who want to look cool while doing their riding.

Being made of quality polyester material which boasts a superb comfort rating on top of being durable, Good Luck US Profession MTB Jersey is quite something. This package is comprised of a men cycling jersey and cycling pants. The latter features 80% polyester material and only 20% Lycra. Basically, both are quite sturdy and should last for years to come.

What’s more, this phenomenal MTB jersey features air-mesh side panels which offer plenty of flexibility. If you want to look and feel great, we highly recommend that you try Good Luck US Profession MTB jersey. It holds a huge value for the money and doesn’t cost a fortune.

3. Men’s Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey

MTB Jersey Men's Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey Full Zip

This short sleeve MTB jersey was made by 4ucycling brand. Even though they’re not exactly famous per se, you’ll come to love this MTB jersey as it’s one of the best-looking clothing pieces available for the buck.

You'll be able to choose between a total of nine color variations, and it’s hard to decide which looks best. For instance, the “black skeleton” is more of an art piece than a piece of clothing while the “Green&black” is a schoolbook example of a classy jersey for mountain bike racing.

This jersey features a front-facing SBS zipper that slides easily in both directions. It’s made of highly durable polyester materials, it’s lightweight, and decently durable considering how light it is overall.

What makes it one of the best MTB jersey models is the fact that there are incredibly breathable mesh fabric layers integrated into the back and sides. This substantially enhances the overall ventilation while providing moisture-wicking properties to the jersey.

All things considered, 4ucycling’s short-sleeve MTB jersey looks exquisite, feels great, and packs quite a value for the money.

4. MR Strgao’s Men’s Cycling Jersey | Short Sleeve MTB Jersey

MTB Jersey MR Strgao Mens Cycling Winter Thermal Jacket Windproof Long Sleeves

Here we have another model from MR Strgao’s. This one is from a different series, though.

Just like you’d expect, this jersey comes in several design options, each bringing something different to the table in terms of aesthetics.

The jersey itself features a front-facing zipper, it’s made of highly durable polyester materials, and the professional-grade mesh fabrics on sides and back contribute to overall comfort-ability.

One of the best things about this jersey is its affordability. You’ll have to search long and hard to find a better-looking (or more comfortable) jersey in the price range. On top of that, it boasts an anatomical design and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

The only bad thing about MR Sergio's men’s cycling jersey is the zipper. It works perfectly well, but it’s not as durable as it should be, meaning that it will break after a couple of months if you don’t invest extra attention while handling it. Regardless, this jersey is awesome in every way and boasts a great value for the cash.

5. Nashrio Women’s Cycling Jersey | Short Sleeve Jersey with 3 Back Pockets

MTB Jersey NASHRIO Womens Cycling Jersey Short Sleeve

Nashrio’s women’s cycling jersey is the first women's MTB jersey in our review.

It’s made of high-grade polyester fabrics which boast plenty of flexibility and durability. What’s more, this jersey is incredibly light, and quite durable too.

It comes in five color variations including Black, Fuchsia, Red, Yellow, and Green. It’s an adorable sports jersey which comes supplied with a nearly-invisible front facing zipper and features 3 back pockets, as well as several reflective stripes.

One of the best things about this sports jersey is that it offers a tremendous amount of comfort to the wearer. The polyester it’s made of boasts moisture-wicking properties which only further contributes to the snug fit design.

Overall, this MTB jersey is a bit cuter and less sport-like than most similar models, but rest assured that it does not lag behind in terms of performance. Apart from looking nice, it provides all the qualities a boutique-level MTB jersey needs to have.

6. Santic Women’s Full-zip Cycling jersey

MTB Jersey Santic Womens Full Zip Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey

Santic’s Women’s full-zip cycling jersey is for the ladies who’d rather feel and look sports-like (as opposed to Nashrio’s women’s cycling jersey).

Essentially, this is a plain short sleeve sports jersey which comes available in three color variations – Purple, green, and red.

Santic's Women Full-zip jersey is made of highly breathable lightweight fabric which boasts moisture-wicking properties. There’s a total of three rear pockets which can be used for smaller personal items (phones, earphones, and such).

Furthermore, this women’s jersey features reflective stripes so you’re more visible while riding at night (or in poorly lit conditions).

This jersey boasts a durability level which is slightly above average, it looks neat and sporty, but you’ll have to pay close attention to the size chart. This brand features a different chart when compared to the standard one, so the “small” here means “extra small” actually. Apart from that, there are no major flaws or downfalls.

7. Baleaf Women’s Space Dye Cycling Jersey

MTB Jersey Baleaf Womens Space Dye Cycling Jersey

The last MTB jersey in our review is Baleaf’s Women’s short-sleeve jersey.

As far as plain goes, this jersey is the very definition of it. It features a durable zipper, it’s made of polyester and spandex materials, and boasts a breathable interior.

Now, the stretchable, elastic fabrics this jersey is made of (combined with the lightweight design) makes this one of the most comfortable mountain bike jersey models ever made.

The zipper ensures easy ventilation while the reflective elements ensure your safety during low-light rides.

It doesn’t cost that much, although there are a couple of models in this review that are somewhat cheaper. It provides a huge value for the cash, though.

Wrapping Up

By now, you should’ve concluded that finding the best MTB jersey isn’t too hard. It’s the plethora of (mostly obscure) brands that make the job hard, isn’t it?

Hopefully, our tips for buying the best mountain bike jersey should help you decide which of the models will suit you best. We wish you all the luck in finding what you’re after!