Merax Finiss 26″ Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike with Disc Brakes

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This Merax Finiss 26 aluminum 21 Speed mountain bike review  guide you to decide if this is the right mountain bike for you or not.

For your biking needs, and you must choose a bike that will suit you completely. That's why you need to take a look at what this bike offers. Here are quick details for you:

Merax Finiss 26 Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike Review

Quick Details:

Frame: Aluminum

Speed: 21(3X7)

Suspension: Front (80mm)

Wheel Size: 26"

Brake: Disc Brakes

Our Rating

Value for the Money

Easy of Use

Quality of Build

Customer Service


  • Extremely light
  • Easy to adjust for multiple riders
  • Rugged construction


  • You might want more gears
  • The bike does not come in multiple sizes

Review in Brief

The heat-treated aluminum frame is very light, and it is treated to make it strong. Singular construction of the frame makes it tough enough to ride over rough terrain. Since, it's a moderate bike anyone in the family can ride, and enjoy the features and benefits it's have.

Features And Benefits

The Frame

The heat-treated frame is strong enough to hold the gears and wheels in place. It is made with the quick release for the wheels, stronger settings for the chains, and good foundation for the wheels.

Handlebars are light when you steer, and you can lean into every direction change without much effort.

The Brakes

Mechanical disc brakes are in both front and back wheels, and they are attached to the handlebar levers with strong tubing. In this Merax Finiss mountain bike review, you will learn how the frame holds up the unique components of the bike.

Disc brakes is very effective, and they are made from a similar aluminum material that allows them to hold up to extended use.


The Seat

This Hardtail mountain bike review continues with a saddle-style seat that is softer on the body, and you can adjust it higher or lower. You can also replace your own seat, and adjust it as normal.

The seat brace is made from the same aluminum as the frame. However, this bike only comes in the 19 inch version that is a medium size for most riders. 

The Suspension

The 80mm fork suspension of this bike is meant for long trips, and it is fitted to front wheels. This hardtail construction softens the ride on any trail, and your body feels much better even on the roughest trails.

The Gears

The Shimano shifters on the bike are designed for seamless gear changes between all 21 gears, and the shifters are made from aluminum which reduces the weight of the bike.

Each of the 21 gears is suited to a ridge or trail where you ride, and you can change the Shimano shifter without worrying about being thrown from the bike due to a gear change. The combination of light shifters and quick snaps for gear changes makes the bike safer.

The Wheels

Double-walled aluminum wheels are fitted to the bike with a simple release, and you can pull off the wheel in seconds to change tires. The double-walled construction makes the wheels much stronger in the event of cracks or running over a curb.

Sturdy wheels normally last longer when the bikes are taken on long journeys, and the wheels stand perfectly when running over tree routes, rocks, and jumping over obstacles on mountain trails.

Light Pedals

This bike has very light pedals that are not even a full inch wide. Their lightness makes the bike easier to pedal, and they reduce the overall weight of the bike. They are set on revolving caters that let them spin freely, and you have much more range of motion when riding.

Multiple Riders

The bike is made to be infinitely adjustable for multiple riders. The couple or family can use one bike alternatively by adjusting it to suit the current rider. The seat adjustment clamp and moderate size of the bike combine to make the bike easier for everyone.


Merax Finiss 26 Aluminum 21 Speed mountain bike have  a competitive price for the bike, and it a affordable choice for many people who prefer to save money or wants buy on a low budget.

You can buy this bike as a gift for a family member, or it might be a present to yourself when you want to get in shape.


Cyrusher Mountain Bike MTB XF300 

Cyrusher mountain bike MTB XF300


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  • 27.5 Wheels with quick release and disc brakes
  • 24 Speed with Shiamano derailleurs
  • Front Suspension with lock out option
  • Comes with 90% assembled

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  • Adjustable full suspention
  • Light, strong, and double wall rims

Final Words

You should buy this Merax Finiss with 21 gears because its functionality allows you riding the tough trails without spending much. Besides, it comes with a very light construction that holds up intense pressure, and you can also load your bike onto any vehicle with relative ease. Any trail becomes possible when riding such a simple and strong bike.