Kent Thruster Excalibur Women’s Mountain Bike, 29-Inch Review

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Before starting the Kent Thruster Excalibur Women's Mountain Bike review, you must know how to you choose the best bike within your spending limit.

Getting the wrong mountain bike can jeopardize your biking experience. Problems can range from uncomfortable to slow and technical faults. When you get the best mountain bike, you don't need to visit the repair shop often.

The Kent Thruster Excalibur Women's Mountain Bike is a relatively lightweight bike (approximately 41 pounds) that is ideal for ladies.

Whether you're biking for sport or as a part of your physical fitness program, the thruster women's excalibur mountain bike is a great choice.

The Kent thruster excalibur ladies mountain bike is equipped to properly function for your daily urban rides (e.g. cross country) and at the same time your mountain bike trails.

Whether you require a bike for sport or recreation, this thruster excalibur women’s mountain bike review will be a great choice. It is definitely an ideal choice for any lady, irrespective of her riding terrain.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Mountain Bike

Mountain riding is a good way to begin your day and it can boost your overall performance. You can achieve your weight loss and fitness goals too. Getting a mountain bike of this caliber is also appropriate for beginners who want to harness their biking skills.

However, if you have a heart condition, this sport is not for you. Are a senior with no prior biking experience? I suggest you shouldn't indulge in biking except you want to ride around your block. In which case, you should get a simple road bike instead.

Factors to Consider Before buying

  • The first thing to consider is your budget. Does this MTB fit into your budget?
  • Next, the size of the bike. You need to consider if the size is appropriate for you.
  • Terrain where do you plan to ride your bike? (trails, uphill/downhill, roads etc)
  • Your expertise: are you a beginner or a mountain biker? This mountain bikes however will suit both needs.

MTB Buyer's Guide

Kent Thruster Excalibur Women's Mountain Bike Details

Kent Thruster Excalibur Women’s Mountain Bike 29 Inch Review

The Kent Thruster Excalibur Women's Mountain Bike is a great bike for riding off road and rough trails. It's alloy crown suspension fork allows you to move smoothly through rough terrains and downhill biking. It is also equipped with the Shimano speed shifters which allows you to accelerate on any terrain.

With full 21 speeds, you can be assured of a wonderful biking experience. It also comes with front disc brakes which enables quick and strong stoppage anytime. This product is ideal for women who want a bike with a satisfactory performance.

Features and Benefits

Front Suspension

The Kent Thruster Excalibur Women's Mountain Bike is equipped with an alloy crown front suspension fork. This feature allows you to ride smoothly on rocky trails. Going on downhill biking? You don't need to worry as this feature will ease the vibrations of the trail, giving you an overall wonderful experience.

The absence of the back suspension also allows the bike to be more balanced. Which Makes it suitable for plus sized women also. You don't need to worry about the terrain you ride into while riding this bike.

The 29 inch Wheels

The Kent Thruster Excalibur Women's Mountain Bike comes with an amazing 29 inch wheel size. The tires and rims are designed to function even on very steep trails at a comfortable speed. It comes with the Deep V Alloy Vitesse rims which is excellent for racing.

It provides for overall smooth ride and balance throughout. The wheels are suitable for all biking trails and it comes with great speed.

The vitesse cycle market arguably supplies the best wheels available in the market. Hence, with this product, you can be rest assured that it will roll nicely and it is durable.

The Brakes

The Kent Thruster Excalibur Women's Mountain Bike features an amazing brake system. You don't have to worry about the stopping force while riding this bike. It comes with front disc brakes that are appropriate for stopping aptly irrespective of your trail.

This mountain bike also features a rear caliper brake which makes the overall brake system solid. This feature allows you to use the Kent thruster excalibur women's mountain bike for your professional mountain bike sport any day. It can also work for you especially in navigating trails you are not yet familiar with.

Other Womens Mountain Bike review

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Pros and Cons


  • 21 speeds Shimano shifters for all terrain
  • 29 inch wheel to suit steep pavements and obstacles
  • It's relatively affordable


  • Steel frame material, usually heavier than other frames
  • Available in only one frame size (17 inches)


Kent thruster KZ2600 Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

This is another Kent product that can gracefully replace the Kent Thruster Excalibur Women's Mountain Bike.

Kent thruster KZ2600 Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

The dual suspension allows for smoother trails (especially for professionals). 

  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Suspension: Dual
  • Type: Unisex Bike

Diamondback 29er Full Suspension Mountain Bike

This is another alternative to the bike reviewed. It is around 500 dollars and a great product for it's price.

Diamondback 29er Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Just like the Kent thruster women's bike, it also comes with a 29 inch wheel size. 

  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Suspension: Dual
  • Type: Unisex Bike


Will the 17" frame work for me? I'm 5 ft & 4"

Yes, I'm 5 ft & 8" and it's perfect.

Does it come fully assembled?

No. You just have to install the front tire, pedals and seat.

Can this product be shipped outside the US?


Can I get this bike for my daughter? She's 5"10

Yes, you can.

What type of frame material does it have?

Very durable steel.

Final Verdict

Mountain biking is a fun way to keep fit and stay healthy. The Kent thruster excalibur womens mountain bike review can help you achieve these goals. Whether you want to acquire mountain biking skills for sports or you merely want it to be a part of your fitness plan, this product will work perfectly for you.

Start Mountain Biking NOW!

This Bike is perfect for all terrains and it is appropriate for urban street riding too. You can check out other women's mountain bike reviews to find out more amazing features and what other women love about this bike. Waste no more time, click here to check out the great features of this product.

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