5 Best Mountain Bike Magazines You Must Read

best mountain bike magazines

As a passionate mountain biker, you probably wish to stay informed about the brand new models that are constantly hitting the market. Now, what is the best way to achieve that, other than the constant reading of online biking websites, bike brochures, and best mountain bikes magazines?

Moreover, is there anything more inspiring rather than reading some good riding story, tip, or bike trick? However, sometimes you are lacking the motivation to grab your bike and go out there into the wild. There is nothing motivating as a good mountain biking story. 

Now, where can you find those stories? Try with mountain bike magazines. 

Why should you read mountain bike magazines?

Nowadays, we don’t find much free time for our outdoor biking activities. Well, if you can’t be on those 2 wheels, at least you can read about it. There are many good magazines that can provide fun, information, and inspiration.

Furthermore, as a mountain biking lover, you might prefer those old-school magazines which can be held in your bare hands- paper ones. Of course, those magazines have their online versions which are equally good.

Now, we will present what we consider to be the top 5 best mountain bike magazines. You can check out the full rundown in the section below.

Here 5 best mountain bike magazines

1. Dirt Rag

best mountain bike magazines

Courtesy: DirtRagMag.com

Being in print since 1989 this action magazine offers a lot of fun and colorful pages. Even though it’s an old-school magazine, it has its own online website for those that are stuck to a computer. Anyhow, throughout its age of existent, this magazine managed to stay relevant and one of the top mountain biking magazines out there.

What you can find it this magazine is some of the main biking news, racing updates, gear reviews, and in its online version- videos which are educative, yet fun.
Furthermore, there is a unique section that this magazine offers- Advocacy section. What you can find here are some of the topics about land conservation, trail access, or even sexism that’s present in mountain biking.

Finally, this magazine has done numerous interviews with some of the leading faces in mountain biking industry or bikers. They all can be found online, as well as some videos of rebuilding bikes, vintage racing, and many more.

2. Bike Magazine

best mountain bike magazines

Courtesy: BikeMag.com

For almost more than 20 years, Bike Magazine is one of the best magazines. What makes it better than other ones is its content quality. Starting from feature section, we can see original and well-written content by some of the experienced mountain bikers.

Furthermore, this magazine obtains a great range of topics, starting from bike competitions, to trails, to some of the new bike manufacturers, and ending with memorials of some biking brothers.

Moreover, there is an opinion section which most of the mountain biking lovers find hilarious, with jokes in the right places and humor that can’t leave you indifferent.
Simply speaking, what you can find in this magazine are great images. Other than that, in online version, there are countless videos and so-called RideMonkey utility which helps you connect with other readers.

All in all, this magazine offers pages of fun, information about gear, new bike models, and update on every bigger mountain biking event.

3. Mountain Bike Action

best mountain bike magazines

Courtesy: MbAction.com

Now, what can be found in this magazine is pretty varied features, high school mountain bike racing, Enduro squad racing some of the features on pro-cyclers Remy Metailler and Brandon Semenuk.

Anyhow, this magazine has been criticized in the past for reviewing only high-end equipment and bikes. Nowadays, they seem to be working in this field, trying to review some products which are accessible to every type of rider.

Also, this magazine does something that others don’t- they compare actively pieces of gear or similar bikes. This sometimes opens a healthy discussion on both sides of the table.

Anyway, MTB magazine has a great online website, in which you can easily navigate through pages and content. Be sure to check up on this one- it’s not only top 5 on our list.

4. Switchback

best mountain bike magazines

Courtesy: SWBack.com

Now, what we have here is a totally different type of a magazine. The reason behind is probably because it is formed by those that ran Peloton magazine- one of the favorite road biking magazines.

Anyhow, this magazine does not tend to be the most commercial mountain biking magazine out there. The people in charge of this magazine are a true mountain biking lovers with a great passion for what they do.

Anyway, reading this magazine might give you some post-riding kind of felling. Furthermore, this magazine is more like down to earth kind of magazine- the one that you would read in your favorite brewpub while drinking fine craft beer.

What you can find here is an amazing art and bike culture, as well as a yearly free subscription when you sign up for its online version. You can check great gear over there and educational interviews and reviews of some of the best bikers out there.

5. Mountain Flyer

best mountain bike magazines

Courtesy: MountainflyerMagazine.com

This magazine is one of the best out there considering overall impression of both- paper and online shape. With a website more than simple to navigate through and colorful images in that paper form, this magazine will offer the countless amount of info to a passionate mountain biking lover.

Starting from industry news in which you can find some of the main mountain biking industry topics, to racing news that announces some of the bigger events worldwide, to blog- a place for numerous discussions over models, gear, and events.

In its online form, you can catch up with some of the educational videos, and interviews of some of the best cyclers out there. All in all, this magazine is well-worth buying or visiting their website. 

Wrapping Up

As we earlier presented, these 5 best mountain bike magazines are some of the best MTB magazines. For every single one of these, you can find an online version if you are stuck to your computer. Anyhow, we hope that we made your pursuit for the best mountain magazines a bit easier.

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