7 Best Mountain Bike Helmets | You Should Check

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Best Mountain Bike Helmets

The summer season is approaching and people are getting ready to break out their mountain bikes and hit the trails and the bike lanes. But before you set out for the trails, you gotta make sure you got all your equipment ready to go. The most important one being choose your best mountain bike helmets, because safety is a top priority when you are out riding.

In order to save your time going from store to store looking for mountain bike helmets, we looked on Amazon and compiled a list of the best mountain bike helmets reviews available on the market. We did this to cut down on your shopping time and get you out on those trails faster.

Things to consider while selecting the best mountain bike helmets

When looking for the best mountain bike helmets, you need to take into consideration the different factors that ultimately make a mountain bike helmet worth your purchase. 

Safety Hazard Rating

A helmet's safety standards are going to be a top priority when deciding what helmet to buy. There is a legal standard that all helmets must meet if they are going to sell them in stores. So no matter what you pick you are going to have your head protected.

How It Fits

All helmets are going to meet the necessities when it comes to safety standards, so the next important thing to look for is how well the helmet fits. A helmet can be the safest on the market, but if it does not fit then it is not going to matter.

What It Is Made From / How It Is Constructed

The next factor to take into consideration is what materials the helmet is made from, and how well constructed the helmet is.

Ventilation / Breathability

Self-explanatory, but you are going to want to make sure your helmet is breathable and have proper ventilation to keep your head cool and your body temperature down when you are out there riding around in the summer heat.

Extra Features

The last thing to take into consideration is what extra features the helmet offers, like the type of visor included, or the lenses used, or if the helmet has a POV camera mount on it, what kind of chin strap, etc.

Video: How To Choose A Mountain Bike Helmet

Here is a video from Global Mountain Bike Network on how to choose a mountain bike helmet. 

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Here's our 7 best mountain bike helmets | You Should Check

This mountain bike helmet is a great choice for anyone seeking a new one. The helmet is adjustable to different head sizes. It can be for men or women using an easy-use dial system and side straps that make it adjustable for anyone.

The material that the helmet is made from is a tough and durable PVC and PC and EPS foam. It will help absorb any impact and protect your head during a crash.

The helmet has a high standard of ventilation. It has adopted a specialized aerodynamic design to allow air to travel through the helmet to increase speed and keep you cool.

The helmet is CPSC certified, meaning it meets the legal safety standards. And as an added bonus, the helmet comes in over 15 different colors and designs. 


  • Easily Adjustable
  • Multiple colors available
  • Great Visor for blocking sun to eyes
  •  Great for the money


  • No specific size
  • Chin straps is not very good

Giro's Switchblade MIPS helmet is their new CPSC certified full face MTB helmet. It might be one of the best full face MTB helmets available. It comes in with over 10 different color schemes and design patterns.

The helmet is fitted with a removable chin bar for added support. This helmet features new Roc Loc Air DH system which has a bumper around the dial to prevent accidental adjustments if your helmet comes into contact with anything like your backpack or a neck brace.

It also keeps you cool with 20 vents in the Wind Tunnel cheek pad ventilation which adds more cooling power during the ascent and definitely during the descent.

This helmet might just be the best helmet available that is specifically designed for the descent. When your ride is all about descending, your helmet should be too. 


  • Fits perfectly using Adjustment mechanism
  • Multiple colors available
  • Comes with removable face guard
  • Great feature for ventilation


  • Costly compared to others
  • Heavy 

GoMax's new Aero helmet has been constructed with an innovative aerodynamic design that looks and feels good on your head. More importantly, it will provide you with maximum protection with a total weight of only 8.8 ounces.

The helmet features an in-mold polycarbonate shell with a PC+ American Gray EPS Liner to provide serious protection against shocks. GoMax's helmet features a dual fit adjustable system to allow the user to adjust the helmet to fit perfectly.

The helmet also comes standard with 22 air vents to ensure optimal air flow and minimal resistance. It also comes with a rear LED tail light system and a built in detachable visor to make sure that you can see and be seen even when out riding at night. 


  • Lightweight (only 250 gm)
  • Inner padding makes it comfortable and protective 
  • Aero design gives proper ventilation even with hot temperature
  • Awesome helmets for the money


  • Comes with no adjustment info
  • LED light batteries are not rechargeable

This mountain bike helmet from Gonex is an excellent selection for anyone seeking a new helmet. This helmet has an adjustable rotary internal regulator and comfortable cushion lining with a high sided article velvet padding to make the helmet shock proof. The inner casing is made from EPS high density foaming.

It is molded to fit the helmet and make the user comfortable. Combined with the comfortable chin pads that absorb sweat, this helmet might give you the most comfortable ride in the summer heat you have ever had. This helmet comes equipped with three different modes for the LED rear light caution system to give the user extra protection when riding in low light.

The helmet features 24 flow vents integrated into the design of the helmet to reduce resistance and increase air flow to keep the user cool. The helmet comes with the extra added feature of an odor free and breathable lining with an insect proof net.


  • Comes with rear safety light
  • Straps are soft and comfortable 
  • Excellent and hardy construction 
  • Adjustable to head size


  • Comes with no visor
  • Hard to replace the battery

This helmet from Bell might be one of the best MTB helmets on the market, and is definitely one of the best full face MTB helmets around. The helmet is designed with aggressive, moto-inspired styling to make a smaller, more lightweight full face helmet.

It weighs in at just 950 grams (33.5 ounces) with 15 vents interspersed throughout the helmet for optimum air flow. The helmet features a hand laminated fiberglass shell for maximum strength, despite being designed to be as lightweight as possible.

Bell has designed this helmet for the more youthful and younger riders. Because of that the size skews slightly smaller than other Bell helmets for that reason in particular. The helmet has been CPSC certified to meet all the safety standards required. It comes in 7 different color schemes to choose from. 


  • Protect face and head perfectly
  • Perfectly suits and lightweight 
  • Great choice for kids 
  • Awesome for the money 


  • Not fits well for large head
  • Ventilation is not very good

This mountain bike helmet from Giro, called the Revel, is specially designed with an in-mold construction that reinforces the area around the vents and ribs.

This creates a one piece exoskeleton that allows for the helmet to not only be lighter and more durable than its competitors, but also better ventilated than more traditional helmet designs with the 22 different vents than provide excellent cooling and airflow.

The EPS liner and polycarbonate shell add reinforcement in crucial areas for extra protection to the user while riding. The removable snap fit visor comes reinforced with anchor points that protects your eyes from the sun light, the rain, and all the debris that gets kicked up from riding. The reflective back decals adds visibility in low light to help keep you safe while riding whenever.

The Revel's confident style and breezy ventilation combine in a compact design that complements nearly any ride and makes for one of the best MTB helmets available. 


  • Different colors available
  • Easily adjustable 
  • Looking great and protective 
  • Great ventilation and lightweight


  • Chin strap is little uncomfortable
  • Visor is not very good

Fox's new MEtah Mountain Bike Helmet was created with undeniable style. It was also was created to offer new levels of all mountain trail riding protection. The Metah features more coverage on the back of the head compared to other traditionally designed mountain bike helmets.

The deeper coverage combined with the superior venting of the 14 big bore vents provides generous air flow and reduces the helmet's overall weight. This makes for one of the most comfortable experiences around. The multi density impact reduction system provides superior protection compared to other market leading helmets.

The fixed anchor Y-strap system and premium liner with sealed edges works to increase comfort and moisture management. The Metah is a great choice for a riding helmet as it has a network of strategically positioned cone shaped inserts of variable density that help disperse energy in a collision. Not many other bike helmets can boast that. 


  • Different colors and sizes available
  • Looks elegant and strong
  • Made with quality components 
  • Great visor makes it a worthy choice


  • Little expensive compared to others

Wrapping Up

So there you have it. We have compiled this list of mountain bike helmets reviews to give you a better chance at buying one of the best mountain bike helmets available on the market today. Now that you know the criteria that you should judge a bike helmet on, it'll be easier for you to go and purchase the one that suits you best before breaking out that mountain bike and getting dirty out on the trails.